orange jasmine

dshepardMarch 24, 2010

How do i get My Jasmine Bonsai to Bloom

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Hi, it might help if you would give us some information, like where it is kept, and if outdoors, where do you live(what part of what country?). How much light does it get for how many hours a day and what kind of mix is it in? How often do you water, how, and how much?

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I keep the Jasmine inside.. I has lots on mourning and afternoon sun. I also use artificial light set on a timer. to give the tree even light.. I let the come an hour before sunrise and about two hours after sun set.. I have recently repotted the tree ina straight miracle grow soil. it was showing sighn's of discomfort in the bonsai soil i had originaly used. It does seem happier now!!

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