HAVE: Too many pink dinner plate dahlias.

caflowerluverJuly 7, 2008

I have lots of dinner plate size pink dahlias tubers for trade. They could be Rosella or Lilac Time (turns pink in my soil or I got the wrong tubers), Lucky Number or Otto. Each bloom is capable of measuring 10" in diameter and growing up to 40-50"H. I would like any other color but pink or white or Duet. Or trade for other bulbs.



Pink Dahlia

Also have lots of red & white Duet dahlias.

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I would like some. I can send you geranium seeds or plants or cuttings. Or soem catcus - maybe?
email me : flysd@san.rr.com

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dukeminka - Thanks for the offer but since they are big tubers that weigh quite a bit, I was looking to trade for tubers or bulbs.

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Hey! =) Would you trade for some Caladium tubers? I have these varieties: Calypso, Candidium, Fannie Munson, Freida Hemple, John Peed, Mrs. Arno Nehrling, Pink Beauty, Postman Joyner, Red Flash and White Christmas.


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I have some white crinums, Richard Wallace cannas, and red cannas (NOID) and some burgundy leaf cannas also NOID. Also croscomia (orange with yellow throat).


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Betsy - Sorry for the delay. I sent you an email.

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No more trades till next year. Only have a few left.

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