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jplus2April 25, 2012

What is the best bonsai tree to start with, I am a beginner and also need to know the best place to get one.

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I think either a Procumbens Nana (Japanese Garden Juniper) or a Chinese Elm. The Japanese Garden Junipers can be found at most nurseries, Home Depot or Lowes. I would stay away from the one gallon size and get a larger tree to start with. Look for an interesting trunk. Clean out all of the dead needles etc. and look at the tree to decide what style would fit the tree. Don't just start cuting branches until you have a design in your head. Leave branch stubs (1-2 inches) for future jins.

Good Luck


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Honestly, a pepper plant.

Grow any normal pepper plant up nice and big during the summer, enjoy picking and eating peppers, then at the end of the season cut it back into a bonsai.

Peppers are very difficult to kill via pruning, and all the techniques and soils you can use on real bonsai apply to these as well, so its a great way to practice or try out new things without worrying about killing an expensive tree.

And yes, peppers are perennials that will live upwards of 7-10 years as long as you don't let them freeze. So not only do you get a good practice plant, but you'll get a real bonsai that makes you fruit to eat in the process. Only takes a single season to make one from seed too, so they're fast.

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I like boxwood . They are very hardy and the leaves are small to begin with. You can root cuttings from them easily or get cuttings from a florist. Every time I prune them I start several new trees. Just put a cutting into a pot and cover with a baggie. Root hormone helps but is not essential. Boxwood will tolerate exposed root and root on stone well. Deer do not eat boxwood

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I read that ficus is the easiest to start with. Never done a serious bonsai, but I had a ficus benjamina growing in a 10-gallon pot for 10 years, and it never died. They're very tough and withstand everything but standing water.

I didn't know about the peppers. I'll have to try that, since I live in a zone where peppers are more or less perennials.

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