give advice on the density of my parsley

lotaera(6)June 21, 2009

Please give advice on the density of my parsley planting in the balcony container. I have planted in one container both parsley on the left side and flowers seeds on the right side. Both plantings have given a number of shoots, I just want to know whether I should thin my parsley or the strongest shoots will survive themselves without any thinning?

As for flowers I hope they will grow well, because it seems to me that after they have reached the hight of 7 cm they don't grow or grow very slowly.

I have taken three photos, one of the whole container, the second the left side of the conatiner with parsley and the right side of the container with flowers. I will try to attach all three photos.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I would thin to 6, no more than 8 stalks if you've devoted half of the container to the parsley.


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