beach garden buried containers

andre_z(5 (usa))June 2, 2009

I am trying to use the beach at the back of my house on Lake St-Clair as a flower garden. I bury containers and fill them with potting soil in which I plant perenials and annuals. Part of the beach is in full sun.

Would this practice be considered simply container gardening, or are there specific considerations I should be mindful of? What plants would you privilege for this situation? At what interval should I replace the soil?

The beach material per se consists of sand and a considerable amount of shells from zebra mussels as well as lakeweed and organic debris...

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Wow I envy your living at the beach, serioulsy!
Anyway, looks like you posted this a while back, how are the containers doing now? What have you learned so far? My first thought was main concern would be salt burn, do you have any new news?
Would like to know how they have turned out!

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