green peas yellowish leaves

lotaera(6)July 27, 2009

I have got my first pea pods on the peas plants in my container but some of the leaves are yellow and some of the pods seem to be dry. I read some info according to which yellow leaves indicate either overwatering or insufficient watering. I am trying to attach two photos one is close-up another is a general view of my container green peas. Why are there green leaves? I must admit that the summer months are rainy and the number of totally sunny days is limited.

Unfortunately I am able to attach only one photo.

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I harvested all the pods, but the problem is that some of the pods didn't develop and dried out and there are not new flowers on all the plants, and the stems and the leaves are dried out. I am watering regularly, ant it is hard to keep the soil moist not wet. How is it achieved? I don't understand the technology of this site, because I am not able to attach any more photos. For the first time in my life I see such a strange site in respect to the photos attaching.

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