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ykerzner(9 TX)January 30, 2011


I know this is off-topic, but this is a pretty active forum and I'd like an answer relatively soon. In the local university horticulture club, we just examined a ginger plant that was donated to us two years ago, with no clue whether it is ornamental or edible, or whether it was simply infested with nematodes.

So, is this an edible ginger, or is it ornamental, or is it one of the two but heavily infested with nematodes?

Thanks in advance, if you do know what this alien thing is :).

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I grow Hedychium ginger lily which is what most people refer to ornamental ginger and your plant does not at all like it. I have started ginger from a root piece but never kept it long enough to know if it look like yours as it matured. In my opinion though, yes I think that is what it is. Al

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