Bonsai arboracola after only 30 years..

stanofhApril 27, 2008

In more humid climates they banyon,here in Ca they stay single trunked.

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Bought as a seedling in a 2" pot at Kmart in 1978. Survived our 1990 freeze of 22f outdoors,unprotected with total loss of leaf and small branches..the hollow you see on the branch is from that event. Now?,teeny,tiny, parrots roost in there...

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That's truly impressive.
Now please show us the teeny tiny parrots.

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It's not nesting season here in the tropics.Noisy little buggers.You hear them squack from from end of the tree to the other..
Species Lepreparrotia. You never heard of them Krys?

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Any chance you could post a picture showing more of the branch structure and/or foliage? Thanks!

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I will try.I can tell you that the leaves DO NOT reduce,and that sort of takes away from the look.On the other hand i do have a near decade (or more) 'Elfin' S.arboracola with small leaves.It has quite a ways to catch up to its older brother.It does not seem to have the strong root system of the species-not a bad looking plant-just not quite the same.
Post that too..

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Needs a bit of fertilizer.It also has been a few years since i root trimmed or added fresh soil.Its due.
The Elfin doesnt have the vigor of the species.This particular plant has had major damage from a few years ago when my dog jumped over it,then snapping a major branch that balanced the left side.You can see where the bend in the trunk ends and where the left side is missing.
I havent put as much care into this plant as i could have.It also has been in less than optimal light. So,if you have a real critique of it-no arguments here!It needs much reworking..

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