Some Narcissi (Narcissuses?)

annabeth(Zone 8 No Cal inland)February 13, 2007

These have blooming here for a long time--since at least early December but I actually think they started in November. I don't know what they are but they are very cute and of course fragrant.

Here are some Paperwhites that I forced just about three weeks ago when I found them sprouting in the bag in the garage.

It looks very promising that I will have some 'Thalia' daffies pretty soon!

And I hope this is the beginning of a successful year for my Madonna Lilies. They didn't bloom last year. It was their first year and I read that they take about 2 seasons to bloom because they "settle in" in the first year. The large whirl of foliage came up in the fall and the little whorl just came up in the middle of the older foliage a few days ago.

Thanks for looking!


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Verly lovely blooms.

I planted Thalia this autumn, looking forward to seeing it in bloom next spring.

What are the names of the roses?

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Nell Jean

Beautiful display. The pretty doubles might be 'Erlicheer' since they're blooming so early.

I'm waiting for Thalia, too. They're among the last to bloom here, along with Jack Snipe, Baby Moon and Salome.

Here is a link that might be useful: See some of my Bulbs Here

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annabeth(Zone 8 No Cal inland)

Wow. I'm sorry I didn't see your responses sooner than now. Thanks for your compliments. I moved out of that house a little over a month after I posted the photo. I really miss the plants I had to leave behind, especially my 'Thalia' daffodils. I did get to see some of these bloom but we moved before their peak. I had salmon colored ranunculus and some very purple Dutch Iris that I missed peak of too.

This photo was taken a few days before moving day. It was very hard on me to leave at the time we did.
I would have taken the bulbs with me but we were trying very hard to sell the house so I thought I better not take all the beauty that was bursting forth. Besides, how do you move bulbs that are blooming?

Here is another closer shot of the 'Thalias' taken 5 days before moving day, about one month after the photo on my original post:

I am trying to get 'Thalia' daffs again but I've been too late the last two ordering seasons and they are always sold out! I am making it a point this year to start a lot earlier.

Foxesearth: Thanks for the ID. I think they were 'Erlicheer' too. Also, YOU have gorgeous pics on your albums.

Krista 4: Thanks for the comment. I missed the spring flush on those roses too. I did take a couple with me--mainly the small ones in the background against the masonry wall. I took 'Mary Magdalene', 'Charlotte' (both David Austins)and 'Sarah' (a shrub rose from Heirloom roses). I left behind: 'Cotillion', 'Teasing Georgia', 'Countess Celeste', 'Lady Guinevere', 'Falstaff', 'Geoff Hamilton' and two 'Mister Lincoln's. The rose with the big fat canes in the foreground of the photo in the original post is 'Lady Guinevere' and the one at the base of the pillar frame is 'Countess Celeste'. I highly recommend that one and wish I had taken it with me! Here is a pic of 'Countess Celeste' with another bulb plant. The lily is 'Casablanca' and the photo was taken the summer before.

However, I have learned since then that it really wasn't a pillar type rose. It is a shrub rose but I was so new at rose gardening then that I thought any rose would work in a pillar frame!

I had two frames (that I did yank out and bring with me) and 'Geoff Hamilton' was on the other one. It worked much better because that rose was very tall.

This is 'Lady Guinevere' starting her spring flush with 'Thalia' daffs on our moving day.

This last fall, I planted on our new property about 50 big yellow trumpets daffies and about 50 'Ice Follies'. It is not nearly enough. They are blooming now and I can see that I seriously need to do some ordering this fall! I must say that I am enjoying 'Ice Follies' so far. I am intrigued by their fading yellow cup.

Anyone else have any photos of their Narcissi to post?


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Thanks for the photos.
I can't wait to see the pics of your new beds.

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