Hipeastrum papilio x H.Donau

hawehaMarch 31, 2005

After repeated and many unsuccessfull crossbreeding attempts of

H.papilio x 4-ploid gardener's amaryllis

I finally and fortunately obtained 2 (two) viable seeds by using Donau as pollen donor. Well this is certainly my major coup in breeding gardener's amaryllis.

Contrary to my presumption that I generated a triploid sterile dead end hybrid this hybrid is very well self-fertile and produces approx. 100 seeds / pod when self pollinated. This is bearing important implications, as I can now raise and look forward to obtaining a final F2 hybrid yielding blooms with the exotic and unusual shape of H.papilio BUT bigger and with 5 (or 6?) blooms per stem. This is fantastic outsights...

And 18 strong 1-year old F2 kids ARE on their way...YEAH


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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

That's awesome Hans-Werner! Are you going to be selling any?

This is the first year that I attempted to get seeds (thanks to you guys on this forum). I have 3 pods that were loaded with seeds, but now I have the dilemma of what to do with them all! I live in a cold zone where if I sprouted and grew on even 20-30 plants i wouldn't know what to do with them in the Fall. I DO NOT have that much window space LOL.

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Hello jackie

I am not at all interested in selling.
I would far more be interested in exchanges.

The purpose of all my numerous demonstrations and recommendations until now is completely DIFFERENT.
I am giving examples that it is a very nice and promising subject to optimize the cultivatory conditions for hippeastrums in order to obtain rich flowering clumps of this wonderfull plant - and I want to encourage you to breed your OWN nice amaryllis.

If you do not have enough space outdoors then offer your plants generously some place indoors and illuminate with fluorescent tubes or light from high pressure discharge lamps...(as I am doing).

Yes breed your own amaryllis, too.
DESIGN them by the way you perform your selection.


Here is a link that might be useful: PROGENY OF HIPPEASTRUM PAPILIO

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Bravo on your crossbreeding work. they're beauties. I've been crossing onto Papilio for a few years now. This year since my Pap bloomed so early I only had pollen from 'Exotic Star' available. The seed pods have been very fat and the first seedlings are coming up. I have far more seed than room to grow. I made several crosses last year including Johnsonii on Papilio and LemonLime on an orange striatum.

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Thank you,

I know very well this phenomenon of "no space left" and I suggest you to make the best of it by dense mass sowing and carefully select out only the definite overflyers in growth velocity and in appearance (particularly broader leaves).

The special observation here was that crossing H.papilio with a 4ploid was successfull (usually yields a lot of seeds, but with distorted embryos and not viable).
AND yielded obviously not a sterile 3ploid dead end hybrid, but a "regenerated" fertile 4ploid as judged from its ability to forming seeds after self pollination.
ExoticStar is a diploid; and crossing H.papilio with diploids is generally successfull and yields up to more than 100 viable seeds, as I experienced when I crossed it with PinkFloyd, H.aulicum v.robustum and... H.cybister 'Chico' (150 seeds in this particular case!) - these crossbreedings also being successfull in the reversed direction (using the mentioned cultivars as seed parents).

I would be very interested to see a(n) *ggg* H.papilio x H.xJohnsonii in bloom!

And as far as I know LemonLime is a 4ploid hybrid.
If you succeed in obtaining viable seeds by pollinating H.papilio with LemonLime please inform me.


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Bergit(nordic costal)

This really deserves to be brought to the top of the postings again. I love your pictures ! Very inspiering !

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brigarif Khan

Out of 30 seeds of Papillio pod, only one has germinated ( I hope it is not an out sider).My polination with Papillio pollen with other garden amaryllis was a complete failure.
Its only reward is a bulblet.

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Hi Arif;

I hope - for you - that it IS an outsider!
Do not give up and continue pollinating H.papilio with pollen from "common" tetraploid gardener's amaryllis with big blooms!


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They are just lovely...congratulations! Alas, I don't have anything to trade for something as beautiful:(

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if you like this kind of amaryllis, you will purchase some bulbs of H.papilio first. These ARE "already" very nice with their mysterious blooms having such a strong substance as if made from WAX.
When the plants are well established and they begin to send up their scapes for the first time, you will purchase some "common" tetraploid gardener's amaryllis bulbs, force them and try to pollinate all the H.papilio blooms with them until you are lucky (The attempt in the reverse direction seems impossible, but why not try on a big scale, too?!

There are always some exceptions in the "rules" of the nature. I am absolutely sure that the professionals speculate on these exceptions and do the same.

Please consider: Until now I possess only two bloomable bulbs of this novelty, and in the fall this will be only one or two more, I presume.


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AsarumGreenPanda(z6 MA)

Bringing this to the top again. Very helpful discussion, and gorgeous photographs.

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Thank you,
Today I like to indicate the bloom of my second sibling of
H.papilio x "Donau" (Danube)

Thec papiliogene provenance is indicated, too : By these narrow red margins of the flower segments

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As indicated by the low feedback frequency throughout, this forum gallery seems to be widely unknown. A real and demotivating pity.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2nd sibling of H.papilio x ' Donau'

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Those are some awesome blooms! I have been trying to self my amaryllis and hipeastrums but so far no luck. Do you have any advice for me?


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Do not give up.
Try more crossbreedings now; that is more promising to be successfull at all particularly in these small flowering specimens which are often diploids - and diploids often refuse to selfing!
Try self pollinating and crosspollunation on EVERY single bloom you can get access to. Yiu finally MUST be fortunate!

Best wishes

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Your results are excellent! Great work. Hopefully with more work and research, we all will have an opportunity to grow Amaryllis that are not just "one time deals" and then off to the trash can after Christmas holiday!


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lora_in(z5 central IN)

Hi Hans-Werner,
Do you have photos of the opened flower from the 2nd sibling? The first is quite lovely,I would like to see the second :) Lora

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OOPS, Lora;

I included a link to one introduction of "PapDon2" above -
although you DID previously see the flower elsewhere...
I like to recall for you:

And... I like to include some images of the results I obtained after selfing the first sibling "PapDon1":

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lora_in(z5 central IN)

Good Morning Hans-Werner!
Ahhhh, more beautiful babies!
Those 2 seedlings appear to be the start of a new and very promising line :)
I can comiserate with you on the low production/viability of seeds from this type of cross. Pink Floyd X Appleblossom gave me 3 good seedlings, Ruby Meyer X White Christmas gave 2 and Minerva X Emerald, well 2 germinated weakly but died within a few weeks. I will try it again this season with more mature bulbs. Lora

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Hi Hans;

I just wanted to find out how the bulbs from this family are doing now? especially the new generations - any more pics to share?


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Dear Hans-Werner

I did obtained viable seeds by pollinating H.papilio with LemonLime, please check out this website for the details and pictures.




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Hello Henry,
thank you for this notification!
Congratulations AND, IF you are the creator of the Website then I submit my HIGHEST COMPLIMENTS to you. In fact, it is well known to me. I visited it repeatedly over the years, and I admire the hybrids that are being displayed. Fabulous Documentation!

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