Q for 'expert' daff growers :0)

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)April 30, 2007

TRY AS I MIGHT, I can't remember WHO it was that posted the names of her fav daffodils (& gave specifics, etc!) Seems to me she had experience with HUNDREDS of daffodil cultivars and knew which were superseded by others, etc. Also, which stayed vividly colored and didn't bleach out. I had printed up her comments, then lost them!

I am thinking of putting a BIG order in of many DIFFERENT kinds of daffodils this fall-like maybe 200 or so. I would probably order through Van Engelen or John Scheepers, possibly Colorblends' Daffodil Depot. I want UNIQUE daffs that the average person maybe hasn't seen! And I want them for the vase! I have decided against bothering with tulips, as I want something that will perennialize better.

I LOVE the doubles and split corona/butterfly types especially, but also would ABSOLUTELY LOVE fragrant ones! VIVID colors are a BIG PLUS.

My bouquets aren't all that tall, so I DON'T have to stick with the tallest varieties. Also, EARLY bloomers would be great, as my husband complains that everyone in the neighborhood has daffs by now and the ones we have so far are just now starting to bloom.

Of course, even if it wasn't you who posted, I would love to hear from anyone! Thanks so much! :0) Phyl

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oriunda(UK & Italy)

Here are two UK-based websites that I use for ordering more unusual species. Whilst they may not deliver to where you are, at least you will have some names and pics to choose from. It's too early to be ordering daffs, but I will be ordering from these companies this year to add a bit of variety.

www.miniaturebulbs.co.uk (this one deals in dwarf varieties)

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