What kind of Bonsai do I have and care...

bwackvApril 28, 2014


I purchased this little "bonsai" at home depot about a month and half ago. I don't know what kind. It's in my apartment getting moderate, east-facing light. The pine needles (or whatever they are) are starting to become very brittle and fall off to the touch. I don't know how to care for this plant and I don't know what kind it is! I've been watering when dry and giving it plant food. Should I spray it regularly? Please find attached picture.

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Looks like a juniper procumben. If the base pebbles and moss are glued...remove that imediately! That could be a majority of the problem. Box stores are known for that sort of thing.

Second...this tree is an outdoor bonsai. (No matter what the tag said) it also goes dormant and needs cooler temps in the winter. I house mine in an un-heated out building during winter. I wish you success...but, that would be the first steps I would do...and hope for the best.

If it is showing signs of needles being brittle...stop with the plant food. Until it shows signs of regaining health.

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