Hippeastrum papilio x ('Donau' x 'Ambiance')

hawehaJune 29, 2005

The high-light of my amaryllis season is coming now.

..........H.papilio.......... x ('Donau' x 'Ambiance')

href> X href>

Nothing spectacular until now but I appreciate very much these particularly "wild" looking blooms.

href> href> href>

This very first one is rather tiny but let's wait and see what I obtain from the other 3 seedlings in some days...


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To my great astonishment and initial deception the buds of all 4 siblings indicated me that they would yield blooms of similar appearance. I would never have guessed that I obtain such wild looking blooms from a species x 4ploid crossbreeding. Indeed the blooms ressemble more intermediates between H.papilio and H.aulicum. That's great experience!

The second sibling:
href> href> href>

At least this one bears a central stripe on the outer segments and on the lower one, too; thus underlining the "star" characteristics...


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This is the 3rd seedling. It yielded the largest blooms exhibiting a remarkable similarity to H. aulicum v.robustum:

href> href> href>

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And this is the the 4th sibling; the palest one but with an interesting shape. This seedling is emerging two further scapes which is rather exceptional for a 3 y old plant.

Now the evaluation of the self fertility of the 4 seedlings takes place.


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Bergit(nordic costal)

These flowers are really beautiful !

I like them better than another papillio-cross you have postet pictures of earlier !
But of course that is just judging from the photoes, and they don't tell the whole truth, size matters for example...

These flowers are elegant !

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Thank you, Bergit (But where are you)

I am glad to say that at least the self pollination of the latter hybrid - this one 4th sibling - was successfull - although I experienced a very low germination rate from these seeds which were so numerously produced (2 seed pods which contained 120 seeds each).

Interestingly the 5 plants of this grex refused to form any new leaves during this German "summer" and they caught up fpr that at the windowsill later - and in a very nice manner, emerging 5 to 6 fresh leaves simultaneously:

href> #
clickable th_ (as above)


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As usual...stunning! :-)


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Thank you Sean.

I achieved completeness of the PapDonAmb series some weeks ago.
The performance of the

I feel very fortunate that I succeeded in envoking seed pod formation on this one as well as on #2 - and I used a pollen mix of some of my very treasures of my own production line *ggg* - some Dip's and TET's which I consider as superior. That is great experience compared to the previous almost entire failures.


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lora_in(z5 central IN)

Thank-you Hans-Werner!
What lovely,fanged faces!
I quite like the 4th sibling,the pale one :) The curls and ruffles are nice. Lora

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