Is my Juniper bonsai dying/dead?

Phlox24April 26, 2013

Hi. I received this Juniper bonsai in March, 2011. I've made the mistake of keeping it outdoors only in the spring/summer, but keeping it indoors during the fall/winter. I recently set it outside this April when the weather got warm, and it went from fairly green to brown (in the picture) in only a few days. After it turned brown, I tried replacing the soil. I've always been very good about keeping it watered. Is there any way to save it? The rest of the internet seems to say that it might be because it missed all its hibernation periods since it was always indoors for the cold weather.


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Personally, I don't think there's anything you can do at this point. sorry. That's just my opinion so take it for that..

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