ID this southern, small, orange, sequential bloomer?

chemseeOctober 19, 2008

Obtained bulbs of this plant but the plant's identity is a mystery. They came from the southern US and I am in the northern US, so trying to figure out if they're hardy...guessing not. Would still like to know what they are to care for them properly. If anyone knows, drop me a line! Thanks!

Image link:

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Crocosmia, don't know exact name. Look up crocosmia and you might find pictures of this one.

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Nell Jean

MoBot says:
"Only reliably winter hardy to areas where winter temperatures do not dip below 0 F. In USDA Zone 5 (and possibly Zone 6), it is strongly recommended that the corms be dug up in fall and stored over winter in somewhat the same manner as for gladiolus (but do not allow them to dry out completely)."

They'll be the better for digging anyway; they tend to push themselves out of the ground from year to year. Digging and replanting every year insures better bloom.


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