Need ID on red/white/green amaryllis

snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)November 27, 2005

I usually don't buy unnamed amaryllis, but this one I couldn't resist! I got it at walmart (yea, I know, my bad!) I bought the only 2 of them that were there. I am guessing it is an older variety for walmart to have it. The bulb is small and the flower is about 6 inches across. The red is dark crimson, not a hint of orange, the white is snow white, and the green very lime. The back side of the blossoms are very green. It looks similar to a variety named 'Cocktail'. Does anyone recognize this bloom?

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THAT you have discovered this beauty which bears such a dramatic color drawing...
It should be the Hybrid "Gilmar".
The photos I saw pulblished in Veronica's modern hippeastrum book as well as one file displayed from an advertisement of Gaertner Poetschke (Germany) show remarkable similarity.

I guess that this is a rather original hybrid with H.psittacinum as one parent.


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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Hi Hans, You're good! I searched and the photos look very similar. Is Gilmar an old variety? I can't find much on it. The blossom is very pretty. I wonder how walmart would have got it?

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Do you know of an online database of amaryllis cultivars? I think it would be interesting to discover the dates that some of my favorite flowers were intoduced to retail market.

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I wonder how walmart would have got it?
Yes you are correct - I wonder, too!

Would you mind trying to raise seeds after self pollination...just in order to see whether this cultivar is capable to DO that...


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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Actually I already selfed it. I was curious what it might produce. I am such a sucker for red and green combination flowers. I think one of the blossoms took. I should know for sure if the blossom end starts to swell. I talked to the garden manager of my walmart and she said that the amaryllis that she has this year came from a supplier in Indiana. I thought I would see what google could come up with for wholesalers in Indiana.

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

The nursery would have to be good sized to contract with walmart. Aaron's Amaryllis Farm Nursery is in Indiana. That is a large nursery. Unless I am wrong TyTy Nursery is one and the same with Aaron's. Aarons has all sorts of imports, so that might be the supplier. I will keep looking and see what else I can come up with.

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Hi Hans, It looks like 2 of the 3 blooms pollinated and took. How long until the pods mature to see if any seeds actually form?

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It takes approx. 6 weeks indoors.
(The time demand being dependent on the average temperature)
I hope that you will be successfull!

And then....

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Well the seed pods matured. There was quite a few seeds. It has taken about a month for germination at about 65F. (I guess I ought to buy a seedling heat mat.) So far only about a dozen have germinated. The seedlings are very strong, wide and stiff. Not at all like the calyptratum seedlings which have very narrow grassy (almost fragile) leaves. I have just about convinced myself that the bulbs are "Jaguar". Hans, what do you think? Do you know the parentage of Jaguar? I have acquired an offset of Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium, does it require any different culture than other amaryllis? I have read on a couple of boards that it is difficult to grow. Do you have any hints?

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lora_in(z5 central IN)

Hi mymimi,
A very lovelw hippi,no matter what the name is.
I did want to let you know that Aaron's is not in Indiana,they are one in the same as TY TY. They are located in Sumner,GA.There is a major phone call center in Indiana that a number of the catalog plant vendors use. And sandly,there are a number of growers in the nort-west part of the state that supply such places as Kelly's,Michigan Bulb,any of the lower end catalog vendors. As far as I know,there are no large scale hippieastrum growers in this state. Lora

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Have confidence, mymimi - "Jaguar" is clearly ecludeable because of different proportions: Jaguar bears these pronounced "butterfly" wings due to the parentage of H.papilio and furtthermore this black red ring of spots in the innermost part of the bloom which is so particular in "Gilmar" is almost absent (a very thin ring instead)in "Jaguar".

Photos of both hybrids are displyed in the Exoten-Forum.

Both hybrids are worth to be collected and to be used for hybridizations - I am absolutely sure. I rate them (menawhile) far higher in their decorative value than "Giraffe" for example. If ever possible I would recommand the hybridization
H.papilio x "Gilmar".

The light demand for H.reticulatum is lower than for other hippeastrums.


Here is a link that might be useful: Jaguar / Gilmar

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snowdogmama(high mountain desert Zone 5)

Thanks Lora, so much for my idea of looking up the grower on the web and seeing what varieties they were offering. I think that Hans is prob correct that it is gilmar.

Hans, I too am not a fan of Giraffe. I sold the one that I had. It was too washed out to suit me. Thanks for the info on the reticulatum. I think its in shock be being put in a sunny location in my cool temp greenhouse. I think I will move it inside a building where the temps are more consistant and are warmer and the lighting is more diffused.

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The variety is grown in brasil by a company called Terra Viva. They found the variety in the nature of brasil and it's called after his founder: GILMAR. We are now growing it on a large scale in Holambra, this is about 1.30 min. above Sao Paulo. We use the variety and many others for pot-cultivation. We ship our amaryllis troughout the world.
Best regards,
Michel van der Meij
Sales Manager Amaryllis
Kébol BV - Holland

Here is a link that might be useful: kebol bv

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I am a TOTAL newbee at gardening... I have been inspired by a wonderful Amaryllis my friend gave me this Christmas.
Not sure what type of Amaryllis this is... It is the standard reddish/pink with five blooms coming from the top of the stalk. The AMAZING thing is that once it bloomed, faded & dried up, a totally NEW stalk grew and bloomed five more fabulous flowers!

Now I want to 1) Nurture the original bulb so it will bloom again next year. 2) Self pollinate it for seeds.

I have some questions surrounding these goals:
Did the plant bloom twice because the bulb was some sort of "twin"?? 2nd stalk came from the same bulb as the 1st, but from a 2nd area at top of the bulb. Is that common? I have never seen this before, and neither has my friend who is more into gardening than I have been. If I nurture the bulb, should it happen again?? What is the best way to handle the original bulb once the Amaryllis has finished blooming, so it will bloom again. How soon will it bloom again? Next year, or does it skip a year? Should I take it out of soil or let it keep growing?? No idea how to do this... HELP!

To self pollinate, do I take some of the pollen on a Q-tip and get it onto the stamen in the center of the pollen bearing stalks? I've read Mymimi43's comments about the blossom end swelling to indicate that the pollination takes, but how long do you let that happen and how do you harvest seeds?

I'm sorry I am so unversed in this but I find it fascinating! Figure if I have some success with this, I'll try something more exotic! Thanks Mymimi43, Hans-Werner and Lora!!

PS. Photo is of the plant's first set of blooms.

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