Peach in swc?

bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)January 15, 2014

Hello all, first post in your forum. Have a question/s for the experts if you don�t mind. I have a friend here in Florida who lives about 6 miles from me as the crow flies. The difference between our growing sites is like night and day. While I live on a lake in lowlands with decent soil (by Florida standards) and hard water he lives at the edge of cattle pastures on a hill. He has good soft water from a perched water table but has HORRIBLE sand. He has some sort of RKN in his soil that just decimates fruit trees. It is so odd when I go there as even his weeds are different than I have here, you would not think 6 miles would make that much difference. He wants to grow a peach tree and while mine flourish in my sand his grow a bit the first few months then pause and decline. The RKN resistant root stocks don�t help at all. I have read that there are many forms of RKN and the resistant root stocks just defend against the more common ones. What I want to run past you is the idea to grow a peach in a 1/2 blue barrel or even 3/4 blue barrel on a self watering pot type system. I grow some figs this way so I can move them if need be and thought because it has no ground level drain holes I don�t see how the nematodes would get in. Do you think it will work? What would you recommend for a soil mix?

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