Wisteria mystery

tinyfrogs(z8 NC)April 12, 2013


I have two wisteria pre-bonsai in containers. One is a American wisteria that I grew from a cutting and "recollected" from my friend's yard in late 2011. It has many flower buds and should put on an amazing show in the next few weeks. The other is a mystery wisteria that I collected from a ditch this time last year. I suspect that it is another Am. Wisteria based on the areas collected it and the smaller blooms. This is invasive Chinese wisteria country...the size and color of both plants' flowers tell me that they are the same native species.

Here's the problem: the plant I collected last year is already fully leafed out and sending out new vines, with not a single flower. Both plants are growing in similar containers, with the same turface mix, overwintered side by side in an unheated greenhouse, and had the same slow-release fertilizer regimen last year. I've read that too much N will cause wisteria to leaf without flowers, but I doubt that has happened here.

Is this the result of the newer plant establishing itself in a container? What else might cause it to skip flowering and leaf out so soon? I had hoped to have a pair of wisteria in bloom this spring before cutting back for styling.


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auron22(6b OH)

Legumes are capable of creating their own nitrogen, meaning they need little to no nitrogen in the soil. Wisteria planted in soils high in nitrogen tend to grow at very rapid rates and sacrifices bloom for foliage, but I can't say it could mean no bloom at all.
If your mystery wisteria has bloomed in previous years this is all I can come up with to explain no blooms this year. If it has never bloomed, it might need to mature for another couple years. Wisteria seedlings are rumored to take 5-10 years to bloom, but some claim they had blooms in as little as 2. Some websites have suggestions on how to force your wisteria to bloom early in it's lifetime. A cutting is a different story and so are grafted seedlings. My pre bonsai wisteria started from seed so far had no blooms and this will be it's fourth summer.

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tinyfrogs(z8 NC)

Thanks Auron

t bloomed in June last year, when some wisteria have a second, lesser display. Still, I suspect that I knocked it back into the juvenile phase for this year. It's growing like a weed already. I keep moving farther from other plants on the patio.

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