Mugho Pre-bonsai. Options?

bliorgApril 28, 2008

Hi, all -

We have a mugho pine in the front bed. Wife hates it. Been stunted by an oversized bleeding heart for years. Time to pull it, and I'm thinking bonsai.

This plant's about 10 years old, all told. Been growing freely in the bed for about six years, and is about 3-1/2' wide by about 2-1/2' tall. This year, I'm pulling it and planting it in a deep, large pot to recover. Might get a little pruning to compensate for the damage I'll invariably do to the roots, but really, I just want it to recover.

Anyway, I haven't decided on a style for this yet, though I'm partial to kengai and han-kengai. And I've never tried jinning, and this plant has plenty of old branches to jin.

So, from the lousy, rainy pictures, whatcha think you'd do with this?


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Well I guess you select to either just grow the one (now ~ upright) trunk, or to select some of the other branches alone (can't see well enough to choose an individual one with potential) or together. Unless you can sketch the branch placement out and post it here on the gallery (with a note here to let us know) it's hard to say. How many yamadori have you grown? How many Mugo? Have you googled Vance Wood - the leading mugo expert bar none - about what to do? You might find him at of course. Don't work on the tree til late June, early July though - mugos are weird that way!

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