help identify this tree please

mr.baggyApril 6, 2006

does anyone know what species this plant is and if there is any chance of it recovering? its lost all its leaves and im afraid it mite be dead

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Without any leaves, it's hard to identify. A description of a leaf (especially its shape, edge features (scalloped, etc.), dk or lite green, and size would help. make a hard little scratch on the trunk and if it's green underneath, it's still alive. Hold off on water until any new growth appears at all - almost no water is needed on a leafless plant.

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My first guesses would be a Fukien tea or Chinese Elm; the trunks are pretty close, and shape of the tree is close.

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I agree that it looks like a Fukien Tea. Leaves would help to clinch the ID.

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Thanks everyone for your replies and help.

I scratched some of the bark and it was brown underneath, does that mean its hopeless?

I found a few dead leaves on my table and tried to photo them but they didnt come out very well. this one is about the best.

From what ive found on google it does look like it was a Fukien Tea, also the site said it was an evergreen. im assuming this means that its beyond saving?

thanks again

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Fukien is an evergreen, 'tropical' bonsai. Did you scratch the bark on the main trunk, down near the roots? Or just on one of the branches. Trying to give you hope here :) - I'd also take it out of the dirt and look at the roots; if the roots look 'alive' you may be able to salvage it with lots of tender care. I had a mini-rose climber in a pot on my son's deck last summer; it looked absolutely dead, and I was in the process of cleaning out the pot to plant something else, when I noticed there were a few 'live-looking' roots. I cut the bush way back, repotted in peat/vermiculite, fed it some 'Thrive' and weak fertilizer, and just noted yesterday it's putting out new shoots!

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From what's left of the leaves, it looks like it could even be a ficus, or rather an ex-ficus, but not a fukien (they don't have long points at the ends, but a couple of little lobes, like someone took a bite out of the ends.

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I have a bonsai, with little green leaves with white around the edges. One looks like it is dead, I hope not, the other has got a few new leaves on it. Need all the help that I can get, I inherited these little guys and don't want to hurt them more than they already were. Thanks guys

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without pictures, a much more detailed description of both leaves, the way they grow (alternate or opposite) on the branches, and the trunk, it's impossible to guess at. If you can post pix, also put in your general location in the world as that will help to advise you on care, as will how you're growing them now - how much light, indoors or out, how often you water and how you do it, etc. etc.

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