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chasemmurdockApril 19, 2008

Hi. I just bought a small sized fukien tea (1cm-1.5 cm. trunk width, 20 cm height). This is my first bonsai, and I do not want to mess anything up. I also bought a 7"x5" with a depth of 3" pot. I have not yet transfered from the original plastic pot my fukien tea came in. Do you have any tips for transferring.

(as of now, I will just be filling the pot about half full with soil, and placing the Tree in while spreading it's roots, and then filling the rest of soil over it. I will be sifting the soil as well.)

I bought Wee Tree Farm Bonsai Soil, and some Kyoto Moss Spores for ground cover.

as of right now, I will be keeping it indoors, in an upstairs, room next to a window facing south. Is this a good idea? The room gets hot in the summer. Will this be bad? How close do I put my Bonsai to the window.

I will water about everyday, letting the soil get somewhat dry before adding more water.

How often should I fertilize? When people mention "feeding your bonsai", does this refer to fertilizer?

Any other tips or ideas would be very helpful.

Thank you,


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My very first thought is please do not try to grow moss on top - it'll compete like mad with the tree for water, and it's not meant to grow indoors in any case. My second is that Fukien's are not the easiest tree to start with, and starting with any tree before learning about it is not a great idea. So, with that in mind, get a wide tray with at least 1" sides so it'll hold a lot of big pebbles and water - but never let the water reach the top of the stones so that when the pot's on top (getting humidified - spraying's a waste of time - the water won't wick into the pot and rot the roots. And don't let the pot sit in drain water, or on or near heat sources (though it likes to be quite warm vs cold). Use a regular balanced house plant fertilizer every week, maybe a bit diluted, such as a 15-15-15. When you transplant it, mix a lot of perlite and/or aquarium gravel into the soil so it drains quickly. Water when the top 1/2" of the soil is dry (but no more for Fukiens). Fertilzer is not really 'food' to a plant, but yes it's what people mean BTW. Don't be afraid to give it all the sun you can, but make sure you really keep water in that tray. Good luck!

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