chinese elm dieback

moyogijohnApril 5, 2009

I am having a problem with die back on the secondary branches small ones that get the first new buds..anyone have this problem if so please tell me what to do to stop this or what you do to get good branching after winter.. hopeing to get some answers.. thank you very much john in w.virginia

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Not knowing much about the pot or soil and anything else I'd say that you may have some root rot going on. Easiest way to find out is to take it out of the pot and check the roots. Look closely at the ones in the bottom of the pot and around the edges, tease the soil away to check.

#2 reason could be, West Virginia in April? If it's outside a little colder temps or frost will turn new growth to toast in no time. In Pa I would open the doors of the cold house in March/April but not totally uncover any of it until the danger of frost was gone. This gave any new growth time to harden off before total exposure.


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Thank you Bob for your response i have re potted the elms sign of root rot or the smell of it. there were no buds swelling at that time or now. have no clue guess i will have to wait and see what happens..thanks john

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bigbiglew(6 KENTUCKY)

hi John,just wonder about our chin.elm is just now opening buds.i live in the mtns. of east ky.

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Just a reminder after re potting keep your tree in a shady area and dont fertilize it for awhile.Dont want to stress it out any more than it already is.

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The elms have not budded yet,bigbiglew,, guess they are three for the trash pile.. i am glad yours are going good,,man i hate to loose trees ,also the MONEY ...THANKS JOHN

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