i am getting so sick of these bugs!! heellp me!!

clint.stevens(9)April 29, 2009

i have about 15 pots on my back porch, each with some sort of tree in them, nothing really that well developed, just beginner stuff. and almost all of the pots are infested with tiny little grayish black bugs, too small to see any real details, i have "Garden Safe House Plant and Garden Insect Killer" spray that i use but it doesn't seem to phase them. i have heard to let the soil dry out but when i do my plants obviously suffer and the bugs are still there. is there anyone that has had this problem or who knows what these little black bugs are? i know they cant be good, and they are annoying and i think they bite. how do i get rid of them? and keep them away? because if they ever seem to go away, as soon as i water my plants they come right back. this can't be a climate thing either, when i lived in Utah i had the same problem, but here in Mississippi its probably even easier for them to survive because its so humid. its so annoying, and i think they are killing my apple trees and my avocado. Someone Please Help!!!!

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i put this same posting on the bugs and diseases section and it is doing a lot better on there. i am pretty sure that i have fungus gnats.

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

Have you tried neem oil???

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no i havent, what i ended up doing is replanting all the affected plants in a mixture of sphagnum moss and perlite, it was the most easily accessible medium that i could find that wasnt just regular potting soil, everything seems to be doing fine.

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They sound a lot like Fungus Gnats. They are relatively harmless to plants and humans, just a nuisance to be around. There is an organic insecticide called Bacillus Thuringensis Israelensis designed especially to kill Fungus Gnat (and Mosquito) larvae. You use 1-2 teaspoons per quart of water and drench the soil. You must use it every week for 4-5 weeks as it only kills the larvae in the soil, not the adult flies (who continue to live for 30 days or so and continue to lay new eggs). It is available under the name Gnatrol from Discount Hydroponics over the Internet.

You might also try using Neem Oil at 1/2 tablespoon per quart of water as a soil drench. It is also available from Discount Hydroponics and is a very useful insecticide AND fungicide to have around in general.

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