Nerifolia and boxwood indoor office setup

devenomizedApril 25, 2014


I'm new here and to bonsai trees. I purchased lights, humidifiers, and a couple of nerifolia trees and one boxwood with roots over rock. All three against a window facing SW. Temps stay above 72F in the am and can go as high as low 90s in the PM. Lights stay on 14 hrs and humidifier during the day. I water the trees daily and humidity meters show moist to wet.


1) can I or should I use fertilizer?

2) the soil looks a little wet, how often should I water if I have a humidifier?

3) any other tips ?

Thanks all

See video

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Some pics

Here is a link that might be useful: Misting system

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I'm wondering that too because I'm also thinking of getting bonsai trees.

Here is a link that might be useful: tüp bebek doktoru

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Slow release bonsai food sprinkled on the soil I find is the best since it only needs to be applied once a year. 90 degrees inside and 70's in the a.m.??? Is this space air conditioned? That is quite a temp swing. Humidity under the circumstances is good but your plants don't need to have wet "feet" There should be some drying so that air can get to the roots. Well draining soil is a must. Boxwood is an out door plant, often used in hedges and is quite hearty. You might run into trouble with it indoors in the future. I'm not familiar with Nerifolia plants. I will have to look them up. Good luck.

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