Princess Irene Tulips not sprouting.....options?

mchad21January 10, 2009

I've been pleasantly suprised at all the foliage I'm seeing so far...tulips, crocus, muscari, etc. One minor issue though...

I've got two raised beds next to each other. Each has 60 Triumph tulips, planted at the same depth. One bed has many spikes showing, the other...nothing. Not even one spike poking thru. I carefully exacavated last weekend, and saw some of the bulbs had very tiny spikes, but nothing that could be considered real growth. They were also not rotten, nice and solid. Both beds were constructed the same way, same height, same soil/potting mix, same water.

But the one that is not growing get less sun, due to overhang of the house. SO I assume that is why it's not growing, and probably will not grow?

So, what are my options? I could just leave them and hope they grow, or...could I remove them, carefully, and pot them up? I'd rather not waste them, but I don't want to remove them if they may grow.

They did go thru an 8-week chill period before planting, just like the others.

Thanks all!


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Nell Jean

It's only January. Part of your tulips are up. Okay. I have two pots of carefully chilled orange tulips that were treated exactly the same, including planting depth, identical size, same growing medium, same shelf in the refrigerator for 11 weeks. When I brought them out to identical situations, one pot sprouted ahead of the other by several days.

We all do it -- excavate bulbs to see what's going on down there. Your bulbs are nice and plump. Give them a chance.

Oh, yeah. Same water? It hasn't rained on the ones outside the overhang a little more than those under shelter? Dew fell on some?


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Thanks. I should have been more clear..the bed in question is not under the overhang, but it's location is slightly closer to the house, which means it gets slightly less sun time then the other bed. Still they are 6 inches apart, so I don't know how much it really matters. I grew tomato plants in both beds in the summer with good success, and if they get enough sun for tomotoes, I gotta believe it's enough for tulips.

I'll just wait it out. No use doing something crazy at this point.



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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

That's fine. It's due to the difference in soil temps. They won't bloom at the same time, but they will come up and bloom on their own schedule. I suppose you could try to even out the soil temps either by putting a layer of mulch on the warmer bed, or black garden cloth on the cooler bed (check every day for sprouts so you don't suffocate them, lol), but if it were me, I would just let them do their thing.

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didn't think about the soil temps being different, but that would help explain it too. Thanks for all the help folks!


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Patience is a virtue...they just started sprouting today.

Thanks all!

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