Patches(Southern Ontario-7)January 15, 2013

With the warmer weather this past weekend I notice tulip tips popping through my balcony containers (north exposure). The weekend weather was an average of 62F here and today it's only 28F. Will they survive?? I'm a bit worried. About the gardening zone, I'm in Niagara Falls, Ontario and I THINK the gardening zone map shows zone 6b or 7 but haven't confirmed. I'll do that soon. In the meantime if anyone else is in area do you have ewperience planting bulbs, TIA.

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Yes, the tulips will survive. The unseasonable warmth has made a lot of bulbs move, but they should shut down now that it is cold. I would put some leaf mulch or some potting soil around the green tips to help prevent scorch.

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Patches(Southern Ontario-7)

Thanks a lot for the reply. I added some potting soil on top as you suggested. Not too many popped up so that's a good thing!

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Patches(Southern Ontario-7)

It was 52F last night at 8:40 pm and this morning a balmy 57!! Weird weather for January 30th. Thunder showers expected. It was nice to see the snow disappear.

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patches, I've found tulips remarkably tolerant of temp variation in spring. I'm only a bit colder than you, here in Hamilton, & mine are in the ground, but they've taken a lot of abuse and come through like champs.

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Patches(Southern Ontario-7)

Thanks Freki...that's good to know. I also had a friend who gardens up in Orillia who told me the same thing. She says the biggest threat to her tulip bed is squirrels!

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