I recently purchased a tulip in a pot. When can I plant?

bulldog951January 30, 2010

I recently purchased a potted tulip from a local store in San Diego, California. It currently has three beautiful blooms. When will I be able to put it in the ground? What should I do with it until I put in the ground? Thanks!

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It's unlikely to bloom again. Tulips do not do well at coming back the next year, especially after being forced in a pot, and you are in the wrong zone to grow tulips outdoors.

But, if you want to try: Leave it in a sunny spot. After the flowers are gone (cut or pinch off the part where the flower was so they don't waste energy making seeds), add fertilizer. Wait until the leaves naturally die off. dig the bulbs out of the pot, get them clean and dry, then put them in the refrigerator for at least two months. Finally, plant them at a cool wet time of year or repot them, and fertilize again.

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If you really enjoy the tulip flowers, you should know that in your area, you can have a beautiful bed of tulips blooming about now in your garden. You can, about September, buy a bag of about 50 tulip bulbs for what you paid for the pot of three blooming tulips. Throw the bag of bulbs into a refrigerator,one not containing fresh fruit, until about the first of December, when they can be planted in your garden. It is not cost effective in your zone to try and save the bulbs after blooming for next year. Only a few will bloom again next year, and a bag of fifty to sixty new bulbs that WILL bloom, will only cost between ten and fifteen dollars. Al

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