Help save my fukien tea bonsai

dpalmer99April 10, 2012

Despite following the following instructions, my fukien tea bonsai tree is dying slowly. The leaves are going yellow and black, shrinking, and falling off. In addition, new leaves are not being produced. The rest of my plants, including my other two bonsai trees (different species) are doing just fine. If I figure out how, I will include pictures of the tree in it's current state. I have yet to use fertilizer, It has not been re potted since it was purchased in May 2011. The tree is 10 years old. These are the instructions of which I follow:

- Minimum 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight morning or afternoon close to a window.

- Keep the soil moist but not damp (less water in winter)

- Watering: Let the bonsai (pot) bathe in 2-3 inches of lukewarm water about twice a week (for around 15 minutes)

- Good ventilation

- Normal House temperature

- Spray the tree in its entirety on a regular basis

here are links to pictures of it.




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I am suggesting just some basic comments to your regimen and providing, I believe, a good source of information (there are many others).

1. Change the soil to a good draining bonsai mix soil. Plenty of info in this forum and container forum of what that is. You don't mention anything about the soil the tree is potted in but it is most likely compacted and over-watered (the most common problems).
2. Obtain info on re-potting methods and timing for FT.
3. Good Luck.


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