new juniper bonsai ;; foliage pads are upside down ...

caykuuApril 14, 2012

I just got a pretty large blue point juniper, chopped half the trunk, trimmed, and am currently attempting to make it into something that can be called bonsai.

Due to the shape/growth of the original tree and after wiring the branches + bending them down, all of the foliage pads are now pointing downward. I'm wondering if the tree will eventually adjust and direct it's leaves upward again? Or will a juniper prefer to backbud? And about how long will this take for a juniper, if ever?

Thanks -

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)


If the foliage pads are oriented downward because you twisted main branches while wiring & didn't properly reorient tufts used to form pads, you're probably going to be in trouble. In my experience, when you flip the foliage you get a LOT of photo-oxidation (sunburn) and death of the foliage. If that's not the case - if you didn't flip the branches over when wiring, you might need to offer a better explanation or provide pics.


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