follow up-bougainvillea bonsai

jessem4145May 14, 2007

My baby seems to be doing well. While she has not bloomed since dropping blooms from shock of moving, there is a lot of fresh bracht growing. I guess she will bloom when she gets ready. I am a guy but I talk to her probably 6 or 7 times a day and I can actually see difference in growth from morning till evening--shocked me--had wife confirm. I have roots growing straight up through soil. Are these future little tree trunks or unrelated???

I put her out about dawn and if temp goes above 90 F in afternoon I bring her in. She loves all day when temps max at 85 F --morn direct sun--afternoon in shade

It is so cool to watch it grow.


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What's growing up are 'suckers', and if you cut them back to below the soil, you'll redirect energy to the main trunk. If you've ever seen an apple tree in the fields, they're usually surrounded by lots of suckers unless someone is vigilant about cutting them. Sounds happy otherwise!

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