pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)January 31, 2011

I rec'd an amarylis for a Christmas Gift. It only produced 2 blooms and they didn't seem to have any fragrance at all. The ones I have had in previous years always had such wonderful fragrance to them. My husband recalls his dear Mother keeping the bulb after it bloomed inside, putting it down in the basement window until about late Spring and planting it in the bed along side of the carport and it would bloom again later on in the summer. We're trying to remember if she dug that bulb back up after it bloomed outside and keep it in a dark place in the basement again until late winter? If I save this bulb, should I cut the foliage all the way back to the bulb? Should I put the bulb into any type of soil or newspaper packing,etc.?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

The fragrance issue can probably be explained by the variety. All amaryllises do not have a noticeable fragrance.

At least some amaryllis are winter hardy in zone 7. You want to keep your plant alive by watering until after your frostfree date. Then you can plant it outside. It will probably not bloom this year, but should bloom next year in June.

The process of cutting back, keeping it in the dark, etc. is what you do to keep the bulb in a pot and then force it to bloom in the winter again next year. Personally, I always plant them outside and buy new bulbs if I want them for Christmas. However, if you want to force it again, just google "forcing amaryllis" and you should get full instructions.

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