a1chemyst(7-Georgia)January 31, 2010

ive heard that narcisus (spelling is deadly)is good for forcing. not sure what forcing is, exactly. i did flip (very fast) threw a gardening book and saw it mentioned. the pot had holes on the side and it was filled with bulbs. the drawing depicted the bulbs sprouting out of the side is that all it is? what exactly is it? and what are its advantages? methods etc. just info on it over all, as i know nothing about it. couldve sworn i posted this before but couldnt find it

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Al, you're right! You did post this before, we answered extensively, and I can't find it either. This must be one of those infamous missing posts. While GardenWeb puts your post's face on a virtual milk carton, check out the FAQs for the facts about "forcing" bulbs.

Kevin : )

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You guys just didn't look hard was only a few posts down the line.

First Forcing Post

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Gardengal, I have no proof, but I swear it wasn't there when I looked! It's even highlighted by my Internet Explorer history, which would have been a flare-lit tipoff to me.

Kevin : /

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well, its disappeared thats established.... answers pleeeeeaassseee i need to start now correct? not to be in polite, as if i care, but have plans with a plant person that means alot to me soon, and therefore need to know as much as possible to keep up. thanks! :)

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Alchemyst, the original post is still there, with many of your answers. The FAQs are still there, with even more answers. The book on forcing you mentioned in the original post probably has most of the answers, as well. I recommend that you read all of them, and them come back with specific questions on what you specifically want to know, or what you don't understand. Start by using gardengal's link--it does go to the original post.

I didn't mean to be confusing: I did find it by using gardengal's link, and again by looking down the list. The time I didn't find it was when you started this string. Sorry about the confusion.

Best of luck!
Kevin : )

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Too late now to start forcing :-) Successful forcing needs prechilled bulbs - most of which will be sold out by now - or an extended period of 2-3 months of chilling. It's even too late to plant in the ground now and expect flowers this spring unless you are planting summer flowering bulbs and they don't force successfully. Do your research and plan on trying this in the fall when spring flowering bulbs are plentiful and you have enough time to plan ahead.

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