Hyacinth bulbs all outta whack.

amalthea(z6VA)January 23, 2010

Hi everyone! I was hoping for some advice what to do when hyacinth bulbs go off their regular bloom cycle. I purchased the bulbs out of season (About March/April) as they were on super clearance and were an unusual color. I potted them up and put them outside figuring they would grow a bit, not bloom, go dormant and be ready for next year. They surprised me by blooming their little heads off (On really short stems) producing a lot of foliage, which I let ripen, and went dormant in mid summer. Fast forward to now and I see that they have not only broken the surface but have flowerheads on them! I had left them potted in containers because I was concerned about drainage and critters and now I'm not sure if I should pull them into the sunny unheated garage and let them do their thing or what? Will it be possible to ever get them back on their natural schedule? They seem otherwise happy and several have split and made healthy baby bulbs.

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This won't answer your question but it sounds like you have too much of a good thing. I'd consider you lucky. Hopefully the grape hyacinth I planted in the ground in fall will eventually come up this spring and that they don't get too much water from all the snow.

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I'm grateful they've more or less made it (Critters ate my crocus) I'm just a bit concerned about the long term effects of planting that far out of season.

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My hyacinths are also off schedule, I planted them in fall and they have been trying to grow through the snow for about a month. Also I saw bags of hyacinths at Lowes all sprouting in the bag (that was in December).

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