bonsai beach scene (=

porshfan04(KS)May 29, 2007

i hope that this isn't to wide a range of topic away from the fundamentals of bonsai. i got a kick out of putting it together so i hope others will like it too.

i got the actual bonsai tree (seen in the photos in the little plastic circular pot) a month or so ago, and i got the hang of taking care of it, and its doing well, with noticeable new growth and healthy leaves. i finally got a new pot for it (as seen in the photos too) thats clay with an attached drip tray. since there was so much extra room, i decided to do a little scene on there. its nice to lightly play with to release stress and what not.

first i laid down the beach sand from walmart. the soil is mostly dirt with some perlite and a small amount of peat mixed in. The little recliner is made of aromatic cedar, its screwed together with tiny little woodscrews that i had left over from some box hinges, and the round pieces on the back are toothpicks, compressed into placed... no glue was used. it even reclines a good 15-20 degrees. its about the right size for a lego figure, though one will not be added due to the fact that theyre ugly plastic and not hand made.

the little cup is a lego goblet with the bottom snipped off so it can be taken in and out of the cup holder in the arm rest of the recliner. a half baked mix of super glue and purple food coloring to get the crazy color to immitate some tropical beverage. the umbrella is a typical drink poker, and it fits slightly loose so that it can be replaced when it gets all gross from rain and stuff.

the last thing that i'm considering adding to it is a tiny treasure chest on the other side of the tree opposite the chair. i'd make it out of ~3/32" thick walnut, probably pinned together with tiny nails, and have the lid open on a sewing needle as a hinge. i have some brass sheet and wire left from my jewelry class, so i could probably add that to for the hardware look.

theres the photobucket album

hope you guys like it

thanks for lookin,


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haha thats awesome! though wouldn't it be hard to tell if it needs watering?


P.S - isn't that joint a bit big (sense of scale and all that)

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