Chinese Elm - HELP

rob_thompson(5)May 25, 2009

I recently bought 4 Bonsai's from They seem to be a reputable dealer. They were shipped second day UPS and well packaged. Three arrived in great shape (a Ficus, a Schefflera, and a Podocarpus).

The fourth, a Chinese Elm, looked fine right out of the box. The leaves are well attached (not falling off) but are brittle and break/crumble if bent (like fall leaves). Is this normal for this type of tree? The soil was reasonably moist upon arrival and I have been watering it every 2-3 days.

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You may have got a tree that has last years leaves on it..elm trees are suppose to drop there leaves every year like all deciduous not water heavy just moist watch for buds breaking in 2 weeks.let them know what the tree is doing in case you have to get a replacement..hope this helps....john

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They are a semi-reputible dealer, still the best way to buy a tree is from a nursery where you actually see it. Other than a few larger trees what most sell are large rooted cuttings with very little development at all. There are a few different varieties of 'Chinese Elm' on the market, most look the same, there are some (like some Oaks) which don't drop last years leaves until the new buds break. This could be what's happening, especially if it' was kept in a greenhouse or cold house over winter. I'd keep it just barely moist and watch for new buds before watering too much.


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Thanks for your follow-up postings. It's now been nearly a month and new little green buds have appeared all over my new Chinese Elm. It appears that it is growing all new leaves to replace the old ones it dropped!

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