just what is forcing????

a1chemyst(7-Georgia)January 14, 2010

well i did see a book on forcing but i just glanced threw it. i saw that a narcissus (i believe, like a said, just glanced) will grow out the side of a pot if it has holes in it and you fill it with them, if thats considered forcing. i also saw hyacinths (i think) will get roots if put in some glass or something that has a lip like half way to old up the bulb but allow bottom acess so the roots can grow. also is there anything else thats easy to force? and what are the advantages of it all... I'm not to good when it comes to bubls... but id like to try forcing just to see... stupid question probably but yeh thanks :)

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A more accurate name would be fooling. Forcing is a process that fools the plant into thinking that the proper season for it to bloom has arrived.

With most spring-blooming bulbs, such as Daffodils or Crocus, it involves giving them cold--but not usually freezing--temperatures to imitate winter, followed by slightly warmer--but still chilly--moist conditions in the dark to encourage root growth, followed by warmer, sunnier conditions to encourage sprouting and bloom. Exact temperatures and timing vary according to the kind of bulb, and the experience of the writer : D.

Probably all the pertinent info was in that book. I myself am only really familiar with forcing Narcissus and Dutch Amaryllis, and I can't exactly call myself an expert. Check the book, and keep an eye on this forum, and you'll probably find all the info you need.

Good luck!
Kevin : )

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Kevin is exactly right - forcing bulbs is just providing them with conditions that encourage them to bloom out of season.......'fooling' is a much more accurate description of this process :-) Go through the FAQ's of this forum - the topic is discussed in pretty nice detail.

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The idea of forcing is to get flowers in pots, indoors, in the middle of winter. It does not benefit bulbs in any way. The only other use of forcing is if you're in a position like I am: trying to cross two tulip varieties that don't naturally bloom at the same time. So I've got them growing in tubs in the basement, under flourescent lights (the kind more like sunlight). I planted the 'late' tulips a month earlier than the 'early' ones and I'm hoping they bloom together.

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