bonsai full of wheel-spoked branches, please help

HeadJohnsonMay 7, 2014

So I received a bonsai as present but its full of wheel-spoked branches (which are very dense and full of short dead branches). If I cut them all, there would be only two pretty small branches left and Im not even sure that the new branches could grow out of the place of old ones. Also these two normal branches I have are both cut at the end, it pretty much looks like they wont grow longer just to the sides.

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Remove any dead branches. This bonsai has a nice shape, pinch or snip off the leaves on the tips to create "pads" I would want the interior of these pads to thicken in. See how the bottom branch curves down and out? Envision it being denser so pinch the tips on the top of this branch following the curve. Just stand back and look at it but don't be too hasty. I will leave branches or leaves until I have studied the plant and decide what I want to do. I think this plant has already decided for you. The top pad can be separated from the bottom by removing the small branches in between but again take your time. I might take you weeks to decide which one to remove.

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