Fukien Tea (new shoot & cutting)

overlordMay 16, 2007

I noticed this new shoot growing yesterday and it may sound like a stupid question but does this look like a fukien tea? i say a stupid question as for all I know plants this size (4mm in height) might not be easy to classify.

This cutting which has been in this pot now for around a month has still kept its leaf and what looks like a bud. I just want to know if this is a good sign or am I wasting my time hoping it might take? I place the pot on a radiator at night for around 2-3 hours (not too hot)

The main tree seems to be doing quite well with quite a few healthy buds growing, Iam surprised after all the trauma its been through!

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Fukien tea leaves have a little rounded 'trident' (more like a 3-tooth scallop) on the ends... yours doesn't appear to have that.

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Not all the leaves have this 'trident' feature though! whats the shoot likely to be if not a fukien tea?


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No idea (yet, anyway). Maybe it'll be more obvious when it's older.

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