Did I mess up my tulips/daffodils/corcus?

greeenllamaJanuary 24, 2013

Did I mess up my tulips / daffodils / crocus? (120 bulbs total)

I know they needed 8 weeks of chilling but they only really got ~5.

I got them in December and put them in the garage at my fiances house for two weeks. It was pretty cold in there, maybe 38 degrees. When we came home, there was no option for me to put them in our refrigerator. We have two guinea pigs that eat tons of fresh vegetables and fruit so I was worried about the gasses killing the bulbs. I planted them outside in containers and I would say they got three more weeks of pretty cold nighttime temperatures. I brought them in for two days during a really hard freeze. Now, its 75 outside and they are breaking the surface. Will I still get blooms or did I mess this one up? I�ll be so happy even if they are short. I just want to see some flowers. This is my first time attempting bulbs. :(

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Ask PaFlowers

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

It is likely you will get blooms because they were formed before the bulbs lost their leaves last season.

What might happen, though, is that they won't last long in flower with the high temperatures you're experiencing. (75F) That much warmth reminds bulbs to finish with the fancy florals and get ready for dormancy to survive the heat ahead.

I suspect that's why you fridge them - so they're primed to take advantage of the very short spring between the end of winter and the onset of long summer. (Our spring tends to meander along between August and November, with only the northern parts rushing into warmer days.)

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Think about nature. Some winters are cold, some are mild. Some summers are rainy, some are dry. Bulbs come up anyway, although the flower show may vary year to year. My suggestion would be to research the best tulips, daffs, crocus for your region and also other less common bulbs that naturally grow in your region. Your best bet is probably a book specific to Texas or a Texas gardening journal. I bet they'll be fine. I am doing more bulbs each year becoz they are so easy to plant and I need the cheer of the early bulbs to get me over the winter blues.

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UPDATE: They came up different sizes and bloomed!! Some are short, some are tall but its definitely more than I expected for my first time growing them!!! Some have yet to bloom and some blooms have already died. Here is a photo of one of my favorites. It was windy today so I brought the containers in and took this photo!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Nice Job, especially for a first time! If the heights bother you or if you have a couple shorties lost in the leaves, try clipping off the bloom and bring them inside in a glass or short vase. They might even last longer in the house, safe from winds and warm temperatures.... plus you can check them out a lot more when they're inside ;)

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