Hyacinthes and Stars of Bethelehem

a1chemyst(7-Georgia)January 9, 2010

(with the assumption that a Hyacinth is a bulb) well i got each, both of which must be replanted... wondering if while i was transplanting i could split the bulbs or do something with them as far as prop'n with bulbs or anything else for that matter (i can tolerate prop' in water is open also). any other things neccesary for growing etc. they can both be planted outside after frost is gone right? will bulbs survive down to 5 degrees or so, thats the lowest its been, ever, its frickin cold in georgia this year.

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Are these still just bulbs or growing plants? If bulbs, they can be planted out as soon as your soil is workable (i.e. not frozen). If potted plants, allow the foliage to die back naturally, then plant out later in spring. Hyacinths are tricky for beginners to propagate, requiring precise cutting of the basal plate, and slow to produce bulblets so I wouldn't recommend it. They can grow from seed but allowing the mother bulb to produce seed depletes its energy reserves and you still have to wait several years before the offspring reach a blooming size.

Star of Bethlehem, Ornithogalum umbellatum, will naturalize and spread easily all on its own. In fact, many who have planted it intentionally now regret it, due to its aggressive weediness.

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o ok then ill just leave them both as they are and just repot them if neccesary thanks ^_^

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