Slight problem with forced bulbs. :-/

scully931(6)January 11, 2011

I had this grand plan of putting my bulbs in the refrigerator earlier than normal so I could have blooms now through February. Great, except now I'm going on vacation for a week. (End of Jan - beginning of Feb)

The hyacinths most of all look ready to be taken out. All the bulbs have had their required time.


1. I don't want to miss the blooms while I'm away.

2. I don't have a cool place to keep them until the sunroom warms up a bit. (Hadn't thought of that back in Sept.)

3. Not crazy about letting my cats alone with all those flowers. My house is too tiny to keep them out of a room for a whole week with only a babysitter coming in once a day.

Any chance they'll be okay in the refrigerator until around Feb. 7th?


Thanks! ~Deborah

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I dont see why not, I know of some online sellers that are still selling cold forced bulbs and have been doing so for months. They may start to sprout, but thats ok. Pot them up when you get home, or pot them up now and put them in the garage. Should be fine.

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I should have mentioned they were potted when they were put in the refrigerator. I guess they will be okay. Just don't want to ruin them.

Thanks so much for your advice!

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)


Your potted bulbs should be just fine until you wish to bring them out of your fridge to a warmer area. I force several kinds of spring bulbs in my basement cold cellar, and bring the pots out a few at a time so I can enjoy the flowering blooms over a longer period than if I brought them all out at once. As long as the pots are kept consistantly cold, the bulbs will only grow slowly, just as they would do if planted outdoors in a cool climate under the snow.

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