Hobby and Business in one

gardenlover25May 29, 2009

I have tried making my own bonsai plant. I chose the tamarind tree to be my first bonsai. It started as a hobby and now it became an additional source of income. I am so happy because it starts as hobby and turned out to be a homebase business.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Got any pictures? I'd like to see your original tamarind tree, as well as the set-up you have now.

They say - at first you do it for the love; then for a few friends; and, finally, for the money...

At this point, I'm merely collecting material, propagating material, and working on a few personal
plants that I intend to keep.

My sister's boyfriend and I are contemplating how to make some quick money on e-Bay, though.
I have an old Christmas Cactus in my collection, and I've noticed that folk are eager to obtain
rooted and unrooted cuttings of this plant.


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And don't forget #4, you finally realize you're spending more than you're actually making and quit. I used to do a few folk festivals to get rid of stuff that was just sitting around and some little things i'd potted up to make a few bucks on. The majority of my better things was sold to actual Bonsai people...they understood why they were more expensive than 'malsi' trees.

Funny, when I was leaving and my friend and I decided to clear the field (about 800 trees) we invited 3 local Bonsai clubs to come browse and buy what they wanted. While selling about 100 well developed trees people kept asking about coming back after the 'sale' was over (the ones who bought nothing). They were agast to be told that--when the sale was over we were going to either pull them or cut them flush with the ground and have a bonfire. A few showed up the night we were having a weenie roast and a good party...there were no free or dirt cheap trees...not after putting 5+ years into what was left.


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