Bonsia newbi

tiffyveeMay 10, 2007

I just got a Pink Azalea Bonsia. I tried to spread the roots out as best I could but they are very spidery and thick. The top leaves are starting to turn brown. What am I doing wrong? What kind of light should I have it in?

Also the wire they gave me is hard to work with (thick)I try to wrap it and it scratched up the bark. What else could I use?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Whoa... you're going way too fast for even someone who has experience. The very first thing you need to concentrate on is just keeping it alive for a few months or so. Now the weather's nice, put it outside til Oct., in a lightly shaded place vs full sun. Water it from above and keep it moist throughout (just allow the top to dry between times). You can't spread azalea roots well (at this stage) but should keep it in a relatively good size pot (not necessarily 'bonsai'.. and that's bonsai, not bonsia BTW) so it has a chance to grow and develop before you consider shaping and pruning it). Don't use wire at all now - azaleas have brittle branches that break easily and even 'experts' don't use it a lot on them. You'll have better luck in future by clipping foliage where you want a bit more, pruning branches where you don't want them, etc., but the more you do now, the slower it'll grow and you want it to grow enough so you end up with more 'options' for styling and a fatter trunk. Do go to and look up azaleas for more tips, but right now just be very patient. PS - the best time to prune foliage is AFTER flowering in the spring, so you don't miss that part.

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Thanks for the great advice! That's a great site. They are right all spring hill did was give a general guide book. I'm glad I came and asked for help.
Thank You soooo much!

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