Bonsai Buds Rotting

dianabonsaiMay 16, 2009


I am having an issue with buds rotting off of my gardenia bonsai. Several threads i have read point to perhaps overwatering as the cause of this problem. I am using an aqua globe, a blown glass watering device that claims to deliver water only as the plant needs it. I am going to try draining it for the next couple of days, but I am also wondering if there is another cause to this problem. I have applied epsom salts to the soil for acidity and have previously applied Schultz plant food (10-15-10) in a half dose as prescribed by the care instructions that came with the plant. Perhaps I have over fertilized? I have also read that I shouldn't fertilize when blooms are present. No blooms because all the buds are falling off! Does this rule also apply to the presence of buds? It is very important to me that I not kill this beautiful plant because it is a gift from my husband until we can have children....

thank you SO much in advance.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hi, D!
Are there yellow leaves on the plant, as well?


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The good news is--it will be easy to replace. The bad news is--your husband gave you one of the worst possible plants for a Bonsai beginner.
I'd lose the watering thing and water according to what you feel in the soil, it should have a wet to dry to wet cycle.
If it's kept wet all of the time you will only get root rot=dead plant.
I'd take it outside and yank it out of the pot to see if it's got a drain hole in the pot and...if the drain hole is plugged. We have no idea what kind of pot it's in anyway so that would be a place to start.
IF the buds are rotting off and the leaves are turning yellow it's being kept too wet.
Also, feeding a sick, dead or dying plant just finishes the job.


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