Blood Lily

debbiecz3(z3MB)January 30, 2009

This was a new bulb for me last year. I believe it is called haemanthus?sp. I had it potted up on a full sun patio for the summer months; it seemed to take forever to get started and then finally grew some leaves in time for it to be taken inside for the cold weather. I have kept it in a sunny south window since but it has never sprouted a bloom stalk. Should I be letting it have a period of dormancy in the hopes that it will bloom later this year or can I just continue to grow it as is? Thanks for any info!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Sounds like Scadoxus multiflorus (some people still call them Haemanthus, but if you have ever seen a true Haemanthus bulb you would not confuse them). Anyway, these bloom in the spring before the leaves emerge or the leaves will emerge as the flower is coming up as well. Sounds like yours is just not flowering size or if you got it bare-root then it needs to reestablish itself before flowering. They are normally dormant all winter long once they get on the right season. Best of luck :o) Dan

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I can't remember exactly when I got my Scadoxus bulb, but I do remember that it took forever to root in and bloom!! I thought it was never going to grow at all! It just sat there in its pot for so long... I thought something was wrong with it, and I was just about to un-pot it to check the bulb... when all of a sudden, I noticed a very tiny tip peeking out the top. That tip grew slowly, but it turned into one of the most beautiful flowers I've ever grown!

Have patience! Lots of patience!

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