2 liter soft drink bottle in swc

et14(7a-VA)January 4, 2011

Happy New Year everybody!

Has anybody noticed the new 2 liter coke bottle? It fits in the bottom of a 18 gallon tote almost snug. Four can fit in the bototm. I was thinking of using 2 facing and flip the other 2 to face opposite. I was thinking that this might work by putting holes in the bottles and putting a overflow tube into the bottle for drainage.

So what does everybody think?

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stropharia(8b louisiana)

Sounds like a good way to lose 2 gallons of root space. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your goal there, could you perhaps reword it?

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A self watering container. I was thinking of trying this instead of cutting a second tote to make a platform. The potting mix would just fill in around the bottles. The overflow tube would fit into one of the bottles to keep it clean. A slit in the bottom of the bottles would allow the water to wick up and holes drilled in the topside of the bottles would allow air in to the mix.

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rnewste(8b NorCal)


For $6.85 at Home Depot, you may want to consider a "container-within-a-container" solution.

One 18 gallon container within another. Use the upper 4 inches of the second container to form the support for the Aeration Bench:



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I have used the 2 container system for years. I was looking for a way to not use 2 totes. It seems like a waste. I was thinking that if you use the plastic bottles, that would work instead of the screen. The mix would wick around the bottles. I have used the cover of the tote as a screen too. Just applying the KISS rule to engineering (keep it simple silly).

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