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yardtractor1May 25, 2014

A friend at work germinated a Buckeye tree for me in a small plastic pot. I took it home and planted it in a flower bed with the intention of finding a place to put it permanently. Two years later it was about 1' tall and as we were moving, I transferred it to a larger-maybe 3 gallon- pot and took it with us.
Long story short, it is seven years since we moved and I came across the pot. the tree is about 2 and 1/2 feet tall and surprisingly healthy of buds, but it looks like one of those miniature Japanese trees. I kind of like it that way. What can I do to maintain its smallness but insure it survives? Will it eventually seed?

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Hi - it needs to be repotted before roots run out of nutrients for starters! Not that you necessarily need a larger pot, possibly even a smaller one, but roots need to be reduced properly and branches/twigs need pruning. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so can you post one on this forum's gallery? It would help a lot!

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Thank you, Ill see if I can upload some pictures.

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