Japanese Black Pine Sprout Care

Danio_RerioMay 2, 2014

Hi all,

Last week I planted twelve little japanese black pine bonsai seeds. The care instructions said to cover the growing container with plastic wrap, and keep it in indirect sunlight with soil temperature at 21 C until the seeds germinate in 45-60 days. Well, I have followed these instructions, and only a short 8 days later, I already have four sprouts!

The care instructions say that once they have sprouted, I should move the plants to a place with morning sunlight, remove the plastic wrap and start allowing the soil to dry between waterings. However, since only four of the twelve seeds germinated, I'm wondering if I should keep the growing container under optimal germination conditions a while longer to see if the others will germinate as well? Would keeping the conditions in the container moist, humid, and warm damage the plants that have already sprouted? Is it urgent that I move the new sprouts into direct, morning sunlight? Also, once the seeds have sprouted, do I need to continue to keep the soil warm at 21 C (70 F)? This requires an ambient air temperature of about 24 C and I have been using a desk lamp to warm the container.

Thank you!

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