Meyer lemon tree?

garye1492May 28, 2014

Hi, I have what I believe is a Meyer Lemon tree. I have had this tree about 3 years and know this tree is about 15-18 years old. It has only blossomed once or twice during its early years. I would like to make a Bonsai out of it,if possible. This tree is about three foot tall and will grow to about 8 ft. or more if allowed to.
I have a couple questions: Is this a meyer lemon tree?
Is this tree a good candidate for a Bonsai ?
What steps need to be taken if it can?
Any input would be appreciated!
Thank You, Gary

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

15-18 years? I doubt that....although if it has been poorly, poorly treated those years, I suppose it's possible that it could be this small. One would expect the trunk to be thicker, at the least.....

I do not know for sure if it is a Meyer, but I don't think Citrus in general make very good bonsai - unless we're using the term bonsai technically to mean simply a "potted plant."

If this tree were mine, the goal would be to promote a well-balanced canopy and a stout, healthy trunk. Fertilize the hell out of it, and prune for shape.


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