Oops.... just found some unplanted bulbs yesterday :(

SammyG(7)January 1, 2011

During a deep-clean of my house, I found some bags of bulbs in the coat closet :( I guess I must have had them by the front door to remind myself to plant them in the fall, then stuck them in the coat closet when cleaning or something and they got left in there.

Is there any hope for them? If so, what do you suggest? I've seen everything from sowing them now (the ground isn't frozen here at the moment, but probably will be again soon), to keeping them in the fridge, to keeping them outside in a dark shed (we don't have a garage), to potting them and THEN putting them in a dark shed...

Help! :(

Anything you can suggest will be appreciated. Thanks!


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I would plant them in the ground as soon as possible before the ground freezes again. If they bloom this year, they may be smaller then usual.

Kathy in Virginia - who enjoyed the higher than normal temperatures the last few days after enduring a month of colder than normal temperatures.

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When I worked at a garden center, I would take home the throw-away bulbs in December or January. Store them in the garage at around 40 degrees, and plant them as soon as the ground thawed. They generally did fine. Daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus grew normally. Tulips would bloom normally but generally were quite a bit shorter stems than normal. In future years, growth was normal.

If you can dig the ground, just go ahead and plant, they'll be fine. If not, I'd just stick them in your refrigerator or some other place that they'll stay between 32 and 40 ish, and plant first thing in spring.

They'll still grow.

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Justs finished planting bulbs that didn't get planted before it got so cold. I've done this before with success. Look at it this way - if you don't plant them now, they definitely won't be any good by next fall.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I am still buying sale bulbs here. Some places would let them rot rather than sell them cheap. I bought a whole bunch of Cheerfulness daffodil at Wal Mart. I would rather the trumpet type but they hadn't marked them down enough to suit me. I have done this in years past and the bulbs always grew if I put them in a good place.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

If I buy sale bulbs when it is too late to plant them outdoors, I just pot them up,water the pots well, and put in my unheated garage or cold cellar for forcing. After they have bloomed indoors, I let the foliage yellow and plant them outdoors in the spring. This works well for most winter-hardy bulbs in my area (zone 4 USDA).

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